Slave Name Roll Project

Last February, Schalene Dagutis of Tangled Roots and Trees created the Slave Name Roll Project. The idea is to encourage researchers to share the names of any slaves they found while searching for their ancestors. The info comes from deeds, wills, newspapers, and other documents. The goal of this project is to help those whose ancestors may have been slaves or indentured servants. Having been the recipient of information on my ancestors names in places I didn’t know to look, I hope this will help others.
Other names will be added as they are found.

Alabama –
Madison County – Deli Gaither, court papers –– 1839
Negro woman named Jane

Georgia –
Coweta County – Ann Thompson, Will – 1849
I bequeath to the children of my daughter, Jane Brown, my
negro man Jim, about fifty years of age.

Inventory- 1850
Negro man named Hall

Negro man named James was delivered to James M/N Norden as his share of estate – 1856 (probable Jim from above)

Coweta County – Morrison W Burney, Estate – 1855
mention of medical treatment for Negro George
There was a sale of slaves after his death, but no names or even the number of slaves. Notice was printed, but no newspaper was named.
According to the 1850 Slave Schedule he had: 8 –

1 Male 27 years; 2 Males 21 years; 1 Female 17 years; 1 Male 4 years; 1 Female 8 years; 1 Female 3 years; 1 Male 1 year

Pike County – Laban Short, Will –1850
To my wife, Rebecca
Negro Milly, a woman about forty five years old,
Abram, a boy about sixteen years of age,
Eliza, a girl about ten years old
Lucy, a girl two years old

North Carolina –
Guilford County – John Burney, Will – 1794
to wife Catherine,
Negro man Jeffery – at Catherine’s death – to his three grandsons

Guilford Co – William Burney, Will –1823
to my wife, Mary:
Negro girl, Jan?
after Mary’s death, Jan goes to daughter Rebekah

to daughter, Sally Spence:
Negro girl she already has (no name listed)

to daughter, Peggy Thomas:
Negro girl, Seal

to son Josias Burney (Josiah Burney):
Negro –Jim
Negro- Garison

Randolph County – David M. Burney, Estate- 1834
to widow, Friendless Burney:
1 Negro girl named Frank (Frankey)
the boy called Noah*

to Morrison W Burney:
boy Bob
and Alfred*

to Linsey M Burney:
the woman Lucy *
and her two youngest children,

*Lucy, her four children Alfred, Noah, Joe and the infant (Randal)

Linsey and his brother, Morrison Burney left North Carolina together and stopped in Georgia, where they both married, and Morrison died there. Linsey later moved his family to Alabama.

Randolph County – Revel Stafford, Estate- 1843
These people are named or referred to in at least 3 places in the estate papers of Revel Stafford. I have combined them for ease of reading and clarification.
For the widow, Jane Stafford:
5 Negro slaves vz;
1 woman named Candy (Candas) aged about 25 years
1 woman named Pheraba (Ferebe) aged 22 years
1 small boy named Anson aged 6 years
1 small girl name Ann (Laura Ann) aged 4 years
1 sucking child not named

Revel died in 1843. His widow, Jane, died in 1848, Randolph Co, NC. I have found no slaves listed in her estate papers, so it is probable they were gone before she died.

South Carolina –
Laurens Dist – Abram Bolt, Will – 1839
to granddaughter Polly:
Betty, about 43 years old
Henry, about 23 years old
Ruthy, about 2 years old

to son James Bolt:
Negro woman, Kiz, about 24 years and her child
Margaret, about 2 yrs old.

to son John Bolt:
Negro boy Bunch?, about 7 or 8 years old
girl Parmay?, about 4 years old

to son Edmund:
a boy, Leroy about 7 years old,
a girl, Isabella, about 6 years old
a boy Dave?, about 20 years old

to son Abram:
Negro boy, Elias, about 8 years old
Negro girl, Vindy, about 3 years old
girl Cynthia, about 12 years old

to son Isham:
Negro woman, Cely, about 26 years old, and her child,
Eliza, about 4 years old
negro boy, Young, not a year old


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