Two Special Heirlooms – 52 Ancestors’ Theme

This weeks’ suggested theme is, ‘Heirloom’. I have several items that I acquired from my grandparents, and a few quilts that my great-grandmother made. All of these items are special to me, so it was no easy task to settle on only one. In listing the items; dishes, lamps, knick-knacks, doilies, furniture, pictures and personal items, I finally arrived at one special item.

Just looking at the crocheted bedspread, no one would think it was anything special. It has no unusual design, no awesome colors, and no unique border. It’s an ivory color, and made to fit a full-size bed. The pattern is a loose design, so a colored sheet needs to be placed under it so it shines on the bed. My grandmother, Thelma Gaither, gave it to me in the 1980’s when I was in my 30’s. When gifting me with this special present, she told me the story of how it came to be.


It had been in the bottom of her chiffarobe since she made it in the fall of 1958. It was to be a Christmas present for her youngest son, my Uncle Louie. He and his only child, a daughter, who was 1, were killed in a traffic accident in November of that year. She had kept it packed away in her chiffarobe all those years. By the time all the grandchildren were born, I was the only remaining granddaughter, along with five grandsons. As she gave me the bedspread, she admonished me to not tell anyone. She didn’t want to cause hurt feelings or be accused of playing favorites among the family. She wanted me to have it because I was her only granddaughter, not because I was her favorite. (I think she also thought I would take better care of it than the boys. haha) Most of my family members have access to this blog, so if Grandma hadn’t already told others, the story is now out.

The bedspread has only been used a few times since I received it because I want to preserve it. It means a lot to me that my grandmother wanted me to have something so special. It now resides in the same chiffarobe in which she kept it for so long. The chiffarobe is another heirloom from my grandparents. The mirror on the right side is broken, and has been for as long as I can remember. When she gave it to me, she told me she had started to replace it, but since my brother and I had broken it when we were kids, she would just leave it up to me to replace! OH! How I loved that woman!



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